E-Commerce Web Sites

Selling products or services on the Internet

Web Design

E-commerce has seen the largest growth of all the Internet services we offer. This is largely due to very strong and increasing audience of online shoppers. Even in the current economic downturn, online sales are still increasing.

We have our own database driven e-commerce solution which we personally design around your web site. An easy to use back end admin system means you can add your own products at your convenience to enable you to grow your online store.

We have a great deal of experience in the mail order industry so we are able to offer invaluable assistance and expert guidance to get you started selling online.

Legal Requirements

There are several requirements you need to know about before setting up your online business. The key requirements you need to be aware of are:

  • Distance Selling Regulations
  • Data Protection Act
  • PCI DSS compliant


Before you even start you will need to know what competition you have online. The Internet is a very big place and chances are there will already be someone else selling the same service or products you intend to sell.

You need to do your market reseach and make notes of who your main competitors are, what services they offer such as delivery shedules and the prices they are selling at.

Can you compete? usually the answer is no as there are so many companies trying to get a slice of this increasing market. So if you can't compete can you offer a better service? can you offer something your competitors can't?