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First Impressions

Web Design

In today's world your web site is likely to be the first thing a potential customer is going to see, so you need it to make the right impression the first time.

The key factors to a successful web site are a clean layout, supported by good associated graphics and a simple navigation structure.

The most common mistakes in design is to make the site too complicated or use large, flashy graphics, inappropriate and unnecessary features that require plugins which could drive visitors away.

You are more likely to turn a visitor into a customer if your site is easy to navigate and understand.


Standards & Usability

Standards and Usability

The importance of using web standards is many fold, combined with good clear layout giving consideration to usability.

Not everyone will view the web the way you do, they will use different browsers and platforms and some people who may be disabled may use things such as screen readers and text magnifiers, so using web standards will help make sure your web site is useable to as many people as possible, not only that but it's also the law under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).


Our Aim

Web Design

We aim to work closely with all our clients on every aspect of the design and development of their web site, giving professional and practical guidance from the initial layout to completion. Even beyond the web sites live date we continually give support tweaking the site for optimal performance.

If you have invested a lot of time and money ensuring your advertising says "all the right things", you must also make sure that your web site is no exception, because for a lot of people it is going to be the first thing they see. 

Web Design

Your web site is an extremely important part of your business. It will be open even when you're closed, so you want reliable people with professional minds that will design your web site and in turn make your company successful in the Internet age.

A web site is a powerful marketing tool which will give your company a leading edge and reach an increasing number of people that you would normally never be able to reach without a web presence.


We are able to take your ideas and thoughts and transfer them into a working web site.

Web Cambs have proven experience in making a web site work. Whether you are marketing a new product, wish to sell goods or services to people you thought impossible to reach or just want a professional web presence Web Cambs can set you apart from your competitors.

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