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It can be very confusing for clients to understand the technical requirements of a website and to work out what it is they need.

We try and simplify the whole process by tailoring your website requirements to a hosting platform, this way you are not paying for more space then you need or paying for facilities you are never going to use.


If you think about Web Hosting as virtual land for your website then that will give you a little idea of what the term Hosting means. Think about a physical building, it needs a plot of land to exist on, the same is true for your website, it requires hosting space on the Internet so that users can access the website 24/7.


Not all hosting services are the same and it can have an impact on your website optimisation, if the server hosting your web site is located in the USA for example it will take a user longer to connect to the site than a UK server, assuming of course that the user is based in the UK to begin with. If you only need to concentrate on mainly UK users then it makes sense to ensure your website is hosted within a UK data centre.


We only use web servers located within UK based data centres, this offers the most reliability and lower connection times.

Included as standard all hosting accounts come with email to allow you to have professional looking email addresses such as

Each hosting account is tailored to your website requirements, then as your website grows the  services to your hosting account can be added and upgraded.

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