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With continued sales growth year on year, UK Internet users spent £133bn (IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index) in 2016, if there has ever been a time to get your products online then it is now!

Whether you like it or not the buying habits of the global public has changed dramatically and it doesn't look to change anytime soon. The Internet is not going anywhere so maybe now is the time to embrace it.


We try and filter out the complexities that surrounds E-commerce so that our clients can adapt to a trading platform that may appear at first to be alien.

Our backend systems allow you to easily add new products, change prices and upload pictures without the need for special software.

It has been proven to be so easy that even our most technophobic clients have been able to update their own website without calling in the professionals.

This is thanks to our own software developed over many years of online trading, which separates the website's design structure from the product data allowing users to keep their website updated whenever they need to.


We have a great deal of experience in the mail order industry so we are able to offer invaluable assistance and expert guidance to get you started selling online. From choosing a carrier to a payment provider we can offer advice on real world experience.


There are several requirements you need to know about before setting up your online business. The key requirements you need to be aware of are:

Distance Selling Regulations

Data Protection Act

PCI DSS compliant

Let's take each one of those a step at a time, first the Distant Selling Regulations (DSR) aims to protect online buyers allowing them to evaluate the goods.
Unlike buying a product in a physical shop where you can touch and evaluate if the product is suitable, online buyers first point of contact with the product is when the item has been delivered to them, it is at this time the DSR takes effect. Should the customer deem the product unsuitable or even if they change their minds within a prescribed time frame, the DSR allows them to return the product to you and request a refund.
There are some exceptions to certain products including bespoke products, so it is best to give them a read so you know how you and your business may be affected.

Next on the list is the Data Protection Act, this governs any data you may collect from a customer and how that data is stored.  You must ensure that any personal information you collect is correctly and securely handled. The link provides information from the Governments website regarding the Data Protection Act, it is worth reading it to see how this may affect you.

Lastly being PCI DSS Compliant will only affect you if you are taking online transactions on your website, you can use what is called a Hosted Payment Page where your payment provider provides a link to a page on their website that will actually take the payment from the customer, any PCI DSS compliance issues are dealt with by them, this is the easiest approach especially if you are new to ecommerce.

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